Riverfront Church Podcast

Episode 74 - Think & Drink wrap up

December 21, 2019

For two years, we have been exploring scripture, spending time in each book, genre, and geographical region in scripture.

This past week, we wrapped up with the final chapters of the book of Revelation, a proclamation, and a party.


Here's a look at the official proclamation:




WHEREAS, Alan Keohane approached the leadership of Riverfront Church in the Fall of 2017 to propose holding a weekly bible study designed to review Hebrew and Christian Scriptures in a chronological manner through the lenses of history, anthropology, sociology, linguistics, biology, geography, geology, theology, and other scientific disciplines; and


WHEREAS, The Think and Drink Bible Study officially began in the winter of 2017/2018 with a look at Creation, and covered everything from the Patriarchs to the Exodus to the time of the Judges, the kingships of Saul, David, and Solomon, the divided kingdom, the Babylonian exile, the return, the prophets, wisdom literature, and poetry in 2018; and


WHEREAS, Alan led the Think and Drink bible study through the Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, the spread of Christianity, Paul’s missionary journeys, the epistles, and the book of Revelation in 2019; and


WHEREAS, Alan led the Think and Drink bible study from viewing scripture through a Western, Egalitarian, Individualistic, Rich Democratic, Educated, Secular, and Technological lens towards a more Eastern, Authoritarian, Religious, Local, Illiterate, Ethnic, and Rural understanding; and


WHEREAS, Alan included in the study at least 147 references to what some would consider inappropriate subjects for a bible study; and


WHEREAS, Alan made no fewer than 83 Monty Python references, including skits, songs, and/or film clips; and


WHEREAS, Alan was also able to incorporate multiple references to Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and a few very well placed ties to Douglas Adams; and


WHEREAS, “Don’t worry, we’re just getting started” became a familiar catch phrase; and

WHEREAS, Alan consistently rejected the title of “teacher” and preferred “instigator” in spite of every attendee insisting they learned new ideas, concepts, and insights from Alan each week; and

WHEREAS, The Think and Drink Bible Study Group has come to bond over deep discussions, side-splitting laughter, and occasional debates, leading many of us to think of each other as family; and

WHEREAS, Many in the Think and Drink Group wish to honor the individual they all call Alan for his hard work, insights, and willingness to share his brilliance,


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Alan Keohane is recognized by the Clergy and Leadership of Riverfront Church as an Instigator, Teacher, and, at times, Honorary Heretic;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all who regularly attended the Think and Drink Studies declare their hearts and minds opened and changed, their appreciation for both scripture and science growing, and their faith enhanced thanks to Alan’s leadership



Signed this 18th Day of December, 2019, CE




__________________________________ _____________________________________


Rev. Edwin Estevez, Riverfront Church

Rev. Emma Horn, Riverfront Church